By ’89 I had 30,000 contacts in my personal database.

Those were the names of people I served in business or had done some favor for. For the decade from ’79, I made about 12 new contacts a day. These led to consultations for printing and advertising. Later they were for print and direct mail with radio. Then television and special event media. Then some business legal and accounting.

Then professional recruiting.

I have held over 10,000 consultations in the first 10 years, averaging 1,000 meetings a year. Then I retired for the most part and only take the ones that my crew recommends. I am looking for the best. You self-identify as the best and then your performance locks that in. My clients will let me know how you did. I have backup people for everything so my clients always win.

Basically, the quality of my life has been based on who I know and how we relate. The relationship is the rock of our connection. So are yours if you’re being honest with yourself. Your connections got you where you are now.

30 years ago I had my databases filled with scanned business cards and records of performance. If you knew one person, “me” then you knew everyone who does a great job in any category. I attract people who love what they do and do it well.

With my client and performer feedback system, the cream always rose to the top. You as a client gain exceptional performance from anyone I am willing to refer. It is pretty strict because I’m just in this for the story. I collect stories of great events that I had a small part in. My small part is connecting great performers with projects and capital.


and I love my private life in Vancouver. There is no way I want people running up to me for a chat or autograph. I don’t want this or that project to be all about me even if I am celebrated for my past achievements. I just want to explore new territory and new relationships with talent and clients without interference to my natural born creativity. I get flashes of brilliance and sparks of creativity and that’s just the way I am and work.

So to protect my privacy I post an old photo from when I was much younger. HA, ha, ha. Fortune good, fame a trap.

My task is to listen and learn quickly.

Then I research my own database which kind of special because it is secure offline.

There is no need to expose your projects to the internet and risk your private ideas for business getting out before you have the chance to reach the market share you want. We don’t like copycats and we don’t want to let your ideas out while we are working on them.


That is the definition of professional, he who keeps the clients’ information private.

So, what do you do? Or what do you want to do?
Are you better or are you the best in your field?
Can I trust you to refer you?